Using the VUU Wireless Network

Acquiring A Wireless LAN Adapter

To access vuuNet, you will need a wireless PC card LAN adapter for your laptop or desktop computer. The VUU Wireless Network utilizes equipment based upon the IEEE 802.11b standard. The standard currently provides shared LAN access at 11 Megabits/second. Any wireless LAN adapter certified as 802.11b compliant by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance should work with the VUU Wireless Network.
The VUU ITC has successfully tested the following adapters:

For Windows systems:
Lucent/Agere Orinoco PC Card/Gold
Xircom CWE1130-NA
Cisco Aironet 350
Intel PRO/Wireless 2011B LAN PC Card
D-Link card DWL-650 for laptops and DWL-120+ for a USB connections

For MacOS systems:
Apple Airport Card

These cards are available for personal purchase at your local electronics retailer.


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