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New VUU Identification Number!
If you do not have your new VUU Identification Number, check your VUU email.
If you cannot access your email, please visit or call the Office of the Registrar at (804)257-5846.
PIN numbers will not be given out over the phone.

**FYI** If you are using AOL, minimize the AOL browser and open Internet Explorer and then go to the VUU website. Next, click on the Campus Web Module from the Internet.

Removing Financial Holds/Clearing for Registration
To gain undergraduate student course registration access, the following must be fulfilled.

  1. Students must have a zero balance from previous semester.
  2. Enrollment and first installment fees must be paid.
  3. Financial Aid must be awarded and not estimated.
  4. A Student Financial Agreement/Installment Plan must be on file with Student Accounts if:
    • There is a remaining balance after financial aid has been applied
    • You are receiving a Parent Plus Loan